Soft play areas are preferred more day by day. There are many reasons why playground areas are preferred so much. Soft play areas are mostly installed in shopping centers.

Since these areas are places with high human flow, the rate of preference for playground is also high.

For this reason, playground manufacturers should make a big contribution to shopping centers in their marketing activities.

How should marketing be in the soft play industry?

In the playground , marketing should be done using various communication methods. The first of these communication methods is, of course, the internet and social media tools. The most effective form of communication today. Secondly, fairs are of great importance. Although there are other ways of communication, these two ways of communication are vital for marketing.

When we want to buy a product today. The first thing we do is look at the different models of that product on the internet. We even try to find the most suitable for ourselves by comparing different brands with each other.

Therefore, if you strengthen your place on the internet and enable customers to reach you in the easiest way. Your marketing strategy will be successful.

On the other hand, the more actively we use social media tools and advertising on the spot, the faster the communication with the customer.


Soft Playground in cafe

It would be a nice idea to place a soft playground into your cafe,restaurant.Differentiating in the main field of activity means that its main purpose is to be done in the best way. So, if there is a cafe, the coffees of this cafe should be very high quality coffees.

Their tea should be unique. It should be arguably the best in products like these. After achieving these, he should change the face of his business at regular intervals.

It should restore. But today, there are so many cafe concepts that whatever is done seems to be imitation. At this moment, soft play alalar takes over.

Because soft play areas can be designed according to each field. If the main activities of a cafe are flawless and there is a softplay area for the children of the families who come there, that enterprise will reach high profit rates.

As a result, the café sector is a highly competitive business. Therefore, businesses need to do something to be able to withstand competition.

But in doing so they have to do without giving up their main activities. Because the main activity is the element that makes the business operate.

Therefore, the service can be changed rather than making changes. So there is no need to replace a nice cafe with coffee. It should only update around the business.

This update also makes the best soft play areas. The different design of softplay areas for each area increases the efficiency of the enterprises.


Game and playground

Games, talent and intelligence developers are define as entertainment with certain rules and for having a good time in playground .

According to the Webster Dictionary, the playground is; “Recreation is define as a piece of land reserved for children and with a number of special equipment”

Play is a kind of learning style of the child. Through play, children provide their mental and physical development. With stimuli and information from the immediate environment and develop both individually and as part of society.

The role of the game in the child’s development process is triggering creativity and imagination. Learning to solve the problems, development of discovery and reasoning skills. Learning symbolic thinking and collaboration.

The game can also be define as a way of actively involving children, freely chosen, individually guided, and motivated by nature .

For the child, being outside is the only way to get to know the world that surrounds him. The place where children can freely experience their motor skills, run, jump, climb is outside.

At the same time, it is the most suitable area to develop manual skills such as swinging, lifting and balance. In many cases, it has been observe that outdoor spaces have much more benefits than physical benefits. As children play outside, they invent new games and learn the world in their own way.


Children’s playground design

Children’s playground design has become one of the most interesting design issues that are on the contemporary landscape design agenda today.

Unfortunately, the practice practice that spans the child’s play concept and development. As well as an outdoor reinforcement area for the design of the playground is unfortunately define as the playground of the playgroups.

Defined for the child and targeting the development of certain motor skills and containing a classification according to age groups.It could not go beyond the effort to place it in it.

The production of child playground items has become a marketing strategy and standard. Uniform applications that can be apply everywhere. Become widespread as a result of this market search.

The practice practice that spans the children’s playgrounds is based on content. That defines what the child is extremely creative in nature by communicating. With the playgroups in a certain area and does not offer any flexibility to the child. Or rather, incompatible with the nature of the child.

Within the scope of this article, which aims to critically evaluate the current practices of children’s playground design. The game is considere as a tool for the exploration of the landscape of the child.

In this context, the article focuses on the argument that the new design language. Should develope based on the relationship of the child with the landscape, by separating the design of the children’s playground.

From the design approaches that traditionally adopt the practice of placing certain playgrounds in certain urban spaces. In order to describe the relationship in question. It is necessary to understand what the game is and the approaches to the game.


Teach children about playground safety

Important part of playground safety:

Children need to know how to be safe and act responsibly on the playground. Children should know: in jungle gyms, slides, swing boards, swings and other equipment, do not shoot or rude pets.

Use the equipment correctly-first slide your feet, do not climb outside the fence, do not stand on the swing, etc.

Always check if other children are blocking them to prevent them from jumping off the device or slipping and falling on their feet with their knees slightly bent.

Keep bicycles, backpacks and bags away from equipment and play areas so that no one rides on them.

Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, but take off the helmet on the playground equipment. Do not use damp playground equipment because moisture will make the surface smooth.

Check playground equipment in summer. It may become uncomfortable or even dangerous, especially metal glass, armrests and steps.

Therefore, use good judgment-if the device feels hot to the touch, it may not be safe or fun. Contact burns can occur within a few seconds. Wear clothes without wires.

Rings, wallets and necklaces may get stuck on the device and suffocate children accidentally. Even on cloudy days, use sunscreen when playing outdoors to prevent sunburn.


Why Do People Like Soft Playgrounds?

Why soft playground ?The rapidly changing climate and uncontrollable pollution make outdoor activities unsuitable for routine activities, especially in large cities.

Parents are looking for a safe and hygienic environment for children to have fun. Therefore, a safer and more interesting soft play center is needed indoors.

Usually indoor and indoor play equipment is available in kindergartens and childcare, and this trend is now changing. The new trend in the entertainment industry is the family entertainment center, where parents and children have the opportunity to have fun and spend quality time with their families.

People have chosen child-friendly gathering places, restaurants and malls, and they can take their children to do business with ease.

Safety is their priority. The main focus for soft play development indoors is to give children a safe and harmless playing time.

Soft play designers and gaming enthusiasts are always looking for innovative gaming choices, and the new concept attracts our young people more than the usual gaming environment. Soft play games provide safer playing time!

Play with children’s sensitive skin.Soft play equipments are non-toxic and hygienic raw polymer. The children’s pillow center toy is completely under hygienic conditions, and the sponge surface will always take care of the heavenly smiles.

Ideal for all climates.

The indoor soft play area can provide healthier playing time in all climatic conditions. Because outdoor weather does not spoil the fun of children, you can play without borders.

Parents can also sit down, because most indoor areas are equip with CCTV cameras and high security options to ensure safety. Innovative games with more fun Interactive game activities have high requirements for children from 5 to 12 years old.

Dynamic images and projected colors make them feel like a fairyland. Sensory toys and creative play equipment will appeal to children regardless of their ability.

The entertainment of all trampolines and interactive arenas is to everyone. Adults who follow the children can also participate in fun activities with the children.

If you are looking for an indoor playground manufacturer that offers all of the above attractions, choose Funriders. Our amusement equipment is designed to:


Fun at Indoor Playground

Everything is appropriate for Indoor Playground is the most important place to improve children’s health. Especially in the playground outdoors or indoors, the children provide the greatest opportunities for social and physical and mental health.

This article proves the value of outdoor sports and indoor sports venues for children’s healthy physical activity, cognition and social outcomes. In this regard, this article also aims to establish the playground’s characteristics and activities that are closely related to children’s psychological and physical development.

Transform children into active participants in both play and school. For this purpose, observational studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between entertainment equipment and activities and children’s physical activity levels.

It’s fun to play

If you ask children why they like to run, slide, swing or climb, they will definitely say “… because it’s fun”. Studies have shown that whether outdoor games or indoor games are actually structured games, it is not just entertainment, it also helps to develop children’s physical and mental health.

On the playground or when exploring amusement equipment, children will actually learn reflexes and instincts to develop their fine and rough motor skills and increase flexibility and balance.

In addition, through physical activities such as climbing, balancing, swinging, sliding and running, you can improve stronger muscle development and bone density, improve cardiorespiratory function and prevent obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are structural exercises Other benefits.


They need soft play

Children need soft play more than we think. The world has more or less become the total export of various companies. And civilians seem to be busy with their lives. In such circumstances, no one has enough time to live a healthy life in a healthy society. But the way of thinking in society seems to be gradually changing.

Parents are paying more and more attention to children’s health. And as they look for different ways to encourage children’s lives. In this case, the playground and the riders must be won.

Although parks and playgrounds are inevitable. It is not easy to leave enough space for outdoor parks, as accessibility will be limited.

In this regard, the importance of indoor games. And soft sports circuits is that it can be developed in all indoor areas. With corner squares, parks, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, hospitals. And even all detached buildings.

Why should we promote indoor sports courts and soft play?

The sensory nervous system of the human body can detect gravity, maintain the balance of the human body and play a role in promoting other nervous systems.

Therefore, the deterioration of the sensory nervous system will not only affect children’s physical balance and reaction ability, but also reduce their learning ability.

Therefore, organized games can help develop children’s sensory nervous system functions, mainly in the playground, especially in the indoor playground, and soft games are important because it brings a lot of fun and adventure.

Like the outdoor playground, the indoor playground also has swings, slides, pipes. Tunnels, steps, climbers, happy walks, monkey bars, swing boards. In addition to these play elements, indoor playgrounds and soft rides also provide adventure

Playground equipment, such as trampoline, rope railing, slide, separate playground for toddlers with plush toys. These help to imrove their ability and challange needs.


Choose the right soft play supplier

A design of Antalya Park Soft Play Manufacturer

If you want to choose the right soft play supplier use the internet first. Choose a playback solution that meets your needs and budget. There are many game manufacturers on the Internet, make sure the software vendors follow quality standards.

Follow the government’s regulations on opening indoor playgrounds
Make sure you meet the security requirements to obtain a business license. Play area design and theme: The playground’s design is the soul of the indoor play structure.

Stay in touch with the latest cartoon and comic characters that are of interest to children.

Use bright colors and great themes to make your playing area stand out. There are many different themes for children’s amusement park design to choose from, such as space, cartoon, jungle, sea, castle etc., which makes the interior more advantageous for children.

Choose the best manufacturer of soft play industry:

Since there are many indoor soft play suppliers for entertainment equipment.One should choose important factors, such as quality and safety assurance, certification and previous projects.When choosing a suitable soft play supplier of entertainment.

Remember that this is an investment and wisely choose the best quality, not behind the low prices. A good playground manufacturer will provide you with custom designs that fit your budget.

Indoor soft play equipment installation

The installation of the indoor soft play system is usually carried out by the supplier, otherwise the customer can install it himself with the help of the installation manual and qualified workers.

Marketing is the key

Learn how to promote your business through printing and social media. Turn your company into a party. Just try something unique (such as allowing free admission and gift vouchers, etc.) to do this.

Create a web page that can reach a wider audience and draw children’s attention through cartoons, road shows, children’s music performances, and other ideas.


Equipments to Place in a soft playground

Slide with ball pool

The soft playground must meet district specifications and age groups of clients. However, in different departments you may need an arena adapted to the arena.

If the mini-play area is 500 square meters or less, you can choose a mini soft play area. These entertainment devices can be slides. , Honeymoon, pumpkin games, bed, mini trampoline, and more. School, hospital playground, office, family playground.

With an average playing area of ​​about 500-1500 square meters, you can create a multi-layered soft game structure.

Let’s see what we can add basically;

The slide on the indoor soft playground is definitely an attraction. Playgrounds are good entertainment equipment. The types of slides include linear slides, waveguides, tubular slides, rotating slides and so on.

According to the child age, there are many soft images available internationally. We have safe and soft mini slides for toddlers that can be used by toddlers.

Wall glass and piping are perfect for children over 4 years in soft playgrounds. For a bunch of adventures, we have exclusive volcano rides that combine the fun of climbing volcanoes and slides.

Climbing Wall
Children’s indoor climbing is part of the children’s games. Child climbers can be on any solid wall, and foam pits with soft foam blocks can be spread on the floor. Rock climbing can improve children’s physical strength.

Scan tunnel
Climbing pipes or tunnels are in children’s rides. Scanning activities can improve physical strength and help children improve motor skills. Indoor children’s play areas usually use partially transparent crawler tubes so that the instructor can see the child inside.

Soft barrier
The soft obstacles on the indoor sports field include various forms of soft play blocks, foam balls, foam beams, narrow bridges, hedges, etc. These soft obstacles encourage children to exercise.

Electric amusement equipment
Mini carousel, electric carousel of various themes (such as peanut dish player, bicycle, bicycle, cup golf, etc.) are very suitable for small children. It’s fun to turn slowly with electric incandescent lamps.